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FXtrek offers one of the most advanced forex charting products in the market. You too can offer the IntelliChart™ to your valued clients and staff! IntelliChart offers incredibly easy and intuitive user interfaces, dozens of indicators, over 75 time scale/periods, export data functionality as well as alert tools, making IntelliChart the obvious choice for any serious forex chartist.

FXtrek offers many charting solutions for corporate clientele both retail and institutional. For clients that require complete white label or the addition of proprietary trading systems and indicators to the charts, we offer customization. Fees associated with customization are on a case by case scenario.

FXtrek designs and programs all aspects of the charting in house, thereby allowing for a full service operation. FXtrek maintains only the highest of standards with all development and customization projects.

FXtrek offers charting services to dozens of clients worldwide. Here is a rundown of charting services available: