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We are excited to tell you that the IntelliChart service is being taken over and we hope you will experience little to no service interruptions! The transition is actively in progress and we will let you know the new billing entity and company contact information very soon! We just wanted to get this breaking news out to you - the IntelliChart is here to stay! We will keep you informed!

Desktop Lite, what is it? It's IntelliChart™ Desktop slimmed down! If you have no need for Alerts or more than 4 groups... Desktop Lite is for you!

  • Only $49.99/month!
  • Advanced IntelliChart™
  • Plus MoneyTrek™ Access!
  • No distractions from alerts!
  • Save groups


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Professional, Advanced Charting software...
  • IntelliScript™ for Algorithmic Programming/Testing
  • Price alerts -send to your cell phone & email!
  • Export/Download Historical Data
  • DDE Functionality
  • Local Time Zones
  • Multiple Data Feeds
  • Windows-based Software
  • Save Groups

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Easy to use charting for FX traders...
  • Intuitive and Dynamic Web-based Interface
  • Numerous Time Scales & Periods
  • Crucial Technical Indicators
  • Trend Lines & Fibonacci Analysis
  • Real-Time Data…

Encounter the ultimate FX charting tool!

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