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Q1:  What type of browser is required to access and view all of FXCM's features?

Our charts and tools can best be viewed with:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
Google Chrome 4.0+
Safari 3.0+
Opera 9.0+

FXCM's features that run on Java applets are compatible with Sun Java VM1.1 and above. The browsers that FXCM is compatible with (mentioned above) all support Sun Java VM1.1. If you are using a browser with a lower version, please upgrade yours at the links below. FXCM will continue its efforts to support a broader range of browsers.

For PC:

Netscape upgrade:
IE upgrade:
AOL upgrade:

For Mac:

IE upgrade:
AOL upgrade:

* If you are using a Macintosh we recommend using Internet Explorer rather than Netscape.